Why Agile?

This is going to be a short and hopefully direct post about Agile…

Most everyone I talk to about Agile thinks it some kind of project management process. This could not be further from the truth. Agile is an actual philosophical thought system about software development that when adopted in principle can help many companies deliver better results regardless of their chosen project management process. For example, I have seen the scrum process integrated into an Agile philosophy work very well and to be honest so does the waterfall process. 

The reasons these processes or any simple management process can work so well with Agile is because at its core Agile is about delivering great software while maintaining the idea that change is welcome, that people and outcomes often matter more than process. 

In short, Agile is not dogma, the process might be, rules applied might be so static that it generates team stress, managing stress and project failure based solely on the fact that some project leaders tend to focus on the rules so much it creates a dogmatic and stressful environment. 

Agile alleviate this failure by continuing to focus on people, software and outcomes vs process and rules. Not that we don’t require rules. We certainly do, but we are far more open to change toward the success of the project vs the rules of the game. 

Long story short is Agile thinking works well when married to process, but be ready and willing to throw out process when the team suffers under the heavy rules it can set up. Your software us far more important than your project management process. Plus wouldn’t it be prudent and wise to pick a process of management and development that keeps the team focus, happy and delivering results vs rules and regulation that break down communications?

Come talk to us if your project is not moving along like you believe it should be. It might be a simple glitch to resolve.

Brendan Rehman

CEO – IgnitedCoder.com

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