19 / Aug

Broker Management System and CRM

Technology Stack:

Visual Studio
Asp.Net 4 MVC and C#
SQL Server 2012
Entity Framework
SQL Reporting

Development of a broker tracking and management system using the latest in Microsoft technology. The application allows management to assign attorneys, liquidators and business rescue agents to brokers, the brokers are responsible for tracking client contracts, documents and basically managing the sales/account process for their clients.


Xamarin Studio to develop the CRM for mobile devices. iPad, Android, also developed a HTML5/WinJS app for Windows 8 Tablets.

What’s great about Xamarin? Native compilation and code is written in C#.


Developed the core set of features provided by the CRM as an API. The API basically mimicked the functional requirements of the application exposed via the API. I developed a DLL that plugged into Forms in MS access that used the API extensively and approximately 80% of the front- end web UI used the API.


Shackleton Risk Management