19 / Jun

ASP.NET/Kentico CMS component development

Technology Stack:

SQL Server 2008
Kentico CMS

We developed a set of components and set up the content structure for Florida Southern College, the director called us asked us to suggest a CMS for their online presence that would meet all of their requirements. We assisted them in evaluating systems like Drupal and WordPress amongst other large brands like Expression Engine and after weeks of evaluation, we landed on Kentico which had a rich set of features including that fact that it was highly programmable and of ran in a Windows environment.

Basically, everything located at this URL will be replacing their entire online presence. https://www.flsouthern.edu – We also spent 4 months developing custom archives and news components in C# and ASP.NET as well as assisted in CSS, structuring Kentico and making sure all the content provider was able to produce content for their respective departments.


Florida Southern College