19 / May

Purchase Order Management System

Technology Stack:

Asp.Net MVC 3 and C#
SQL Server
Entity Framework
SQL Reporting Services

We were brought in to convert their existing Excel spreadsheet-based PO tracking system with one they could easily plug into SharePoint. After 1 month spent at their offices, we had enough understanding of the business to deliver the system which took 2 months to develop. A demonstration of the application is available on request.

  1. BWired/TheWiredCorporation one of Africa’s largest ISP and they happen to be the ISP’s IPS as well as having the very first contract from Ericson Europe to lay 900k/m’s of Fiber Optic cable for the city of Johannesburg. A very big project to say the least and they were dealing with thousands of Vendors, Contractors, and realms of legislature.
  2. Also developed an HR Skills tracking and time tracking app in SharePoint which allowed for full custom ad-hoc reports using the SSRS and SSIS.