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I’m back

Yup, I’m back. Haven’t had the time or the inclination to post a blog entry in a reallllly long time. I’ve been crazy busy and life got in the way so sitting down to write a blog post got put way down on my to do list.

I’m finding that my mental bandwidth has cleared up enough for me to do a few things:

1. Get a CMS installed so I can write blog posts.
2. Write a few short blog posts.
3. Think about future blog posts to write.

I can’t promise lots of cool content or even that I’ll have anything interesting to say and I’m not really going to focus on making it the coolest “Freelancers” blog ever! It will be musing on my experiences, things that happened with clients and what I’ve learned while trying to make a living as a coder/freelancer.

Thanks you for visiting, check back for updates when you feel like it.