Resumes say very little about experience and even less about the importance of sharing the same vision as ones client. I am a web developer in love with what I do for a living. I find it gratifying to work with others to envision new ideas, and new applications.

I am a versatile and multi-capable web application developer with extensive corporate and freelancing experience and I care a good deal about helping my clients realize their vision, it’s not enough for me to just code “ok if you’re a code monkey”.

I love being involved in the decision making process that will lead to better results and a more scalable platform WE can build on for the future and I don’t work 9 to 5.

I work as long as it takes to get the job done. Counting hours is not really the way anyone should develop software, because you can’t turn creativity on or off when you want, its like falling asleep, you don’t just put your head down and sleep, it takes time to get comfortable, to find the right spot, only then do you slowly drift away into comfortable sleep.

Getting to work is like getting to sleep… So if I end up working past 5 o’clock because I’m being productive then so be it.

I’m here to get the job done not put down my tools at 5pm. If you want someone who can help you realize your vision then working with a 9 to 5’er won’t work.

You need someone who will take your call at 2am in the morning and be ready to discuss new enhancements to your great idea.

Speaking frankly, poor developers create distrust in clients. I want to fix that and I will do it one client at a time. I didn’t just pick this up as a hobby, I do this for a living and I love doing it.

Skype: ignitedcoder

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